Match Grant Program

The Matching Grant Program, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), provides services and support to newly arrived refugees, newly granted asylees and certain other designated groups to facilitate self-sufficiency within four months of the clientís date of arrival.

The Matching Grant is an alternative to public cash assistance and is offered through the Voluntary Agency network. CSIRP participates in the Matching Grant program as an affiliate of USCRI. The principle goal of the program is to obtain economic self-sufficiency within six months without accessing public cash assistance. Participating VOLAG affiliates (such as CSIRP) are required to provide employment services, case management, maintenance assistance (which includes provision of food or food subsidies, housing, and transportation) and cash allowance. Enrollment in Match Grant services must be within the first 31 days of eligibility, with maintenance assistance provided for at least four months, and case management services continuing for 180 days (six months).

If after the initial 180 day period the participant has been unable to reach self-sufficiency, they are eligible to participate in other employment programs funded by ORR.

The Match Grant requires, as part of the participation, that the local agency must raise a match of donated items and cash. Items that can be donated, in addition to cash are located on the Needed Items page (See the referral button at the bottom of this page). Also countable in the match are volunteer hours provided to the refugee by individuals in the community.

The CSIRP Match Grant program began in 2007 and enrolled 47 in the first calendar year. More would have been enrolled, but the program started late in July, and arrivals dropped during that period. The program is looking for 90 enrollments for CY 2008 if arrivals are sufficient to fill the slots. Success in meeting the match during the first year can be attributed to the strong volunteer base of willing individuals in the community. If you have time and can volunteer that time towards helping a refugee family, please click on the button below (Contacts Page) to find out who to call.