DonationsIn addition to federal funding, the Program relies heavily on the good will of the individuals which make up the community of Twin Falls, and the Magic Valley. Donations of time, household goods and money are greatly appreciated.

There are some limits to what the program can use and handle appropriately through their facility. Large items such as washing machines, refrigerators, stoves and dryers are beyond the Programís ability to handle, and so are not accepted at the site.

Items donated are divided into three different distributions:

  1. Items donated, which are required items by federal contract, to be provided to each refugee coming through the resettlement program. These donations go to offset other costs of securing those items on the required list. These are such things as: toothbrushes and personal care items, dishes and cooking utensils, and beds and bedding.

  2. Items other than those basic items required under the federal services contract are taken in, sorted, and placed out for refugees coming to English classes at the Center. Refugees are allowed to take without charge, any of those donated items to help them settle into their new housing.

  3. The remaining area of donation is the Match Grant Program, where a match of cash, donated items and volunteer help are required to benefit refugees on an individual basis.


To see a list of items that are needed on a regular basis, click here.